Proven Technology (CASO)

Proven Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (PTIC) was established in 1996 in accordance with legal permission from the Myanmar Investment Commission and the PTIC is one of the leading firms in Myanmar that manufacture a number of high-tech industrial products. These include lead acid automobile batteries, industrial stand-by batteries and other various types of specialized batteries. Among them, many of the specialized types include locomotive batteries and forklift batteries. PTIC embrace structured management systems throughout all of its processes and have external certifications, ISO 9001, EMS CERTIFICATE - ISO 14001, OHSAS Certificate - ISO 18001, Responsible Care and ASEAN OSHNET Award.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Compressed Air System Optimization

Energy Projects

  • A review of the factory energy information was carried out in order to identify areas to improve energy performance and to understand the significant energy users. A challenge for the facility was the lack of real metering in place. There was one site electricity meter in place and the breakdown had to be carried out by conducting a detailed survey of the electrical equipment in order to understand where the electricity was being used

Action Taken

Installation of transparent roof sheeting • time and motion study in manufacturing • Compressed air system re-design • Installing LED Lighting and smart sensor controls • Energy awareness on daily practices


  • Save 2.2% of Annual Energy Usage


Project Partners