Anawa Devi Factory ( EnMS)

Anawa Devi Daiichi Joint Venture Company is located in Thinbawgin Ward, Dawbon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The factory carries out cutting and filleting of both fish from local suppliers as well as imported fish.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Energy Management System

Energy Projects

  • The plant was closely monitored over a three-day period and analyzed in order to identify opportunities for improved energy performance. The following list of both no cost and capital cost opportunities were identified and recommended for implementation to management.
    • Lighting control in cold storage and freezing rooms.
    • Use of Entrance Room
    • Defrost optimization Project
    • Insulation of refrigeration pipework
    • Maintenance of evaporative condenser
    • Water Treatment Plant installation.

Action Taken

The improvements which were carried out following the UNIDO visit greatly assisted Anawa Devi management in delivering a more reliable and consistent cold room temperature which is critical to the delivery of good quality product to their customers. The method used to verify the savings was the use of the site electricity bills. The justification for this is that the refrigeration system accounts for 70% of the factory energy and as such any improvements in performance of the refrigeration system would be evident through the bills. These savings illustrated below indicate that there was a 7% reduction in electricity usage since the implementation of the project savings.


  • Save 7% of Annual Energy Usage


Project Partners