Akari Paper Mill - Paleik (SSO)

Akari Paper Mill (Paleik) is located in Sint Kaing Township, about 20 km south of Mandalay and the ESA was conducted on 3rd and 4th May, 2017.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Steam System Optimization

Energy Projects

  • Returning all the condensate back to the Boiler house, has 3 contributing benefits; Heat savings from the recovered hot condensate, Water & Water Treatment Chemicals cost savings, and Electricity savings in avoiding the double-pumping. The summarized cost savings is below: Savings due to returning the heat in condensate, back to the boiler as BFW 9.454 million MMK/yr Savings due to returning the heat in good quality water, back to the boiler 7.763 million MMK/yr Savings due to avoiding double-pumping of condensate back to the boiler 1.170 million MMK/yr The estimated total savings due to continuously returning back the condensate at Paleik Paper with the suggested changes would be 18.4 million Kyat annually.

Action Taken

The Plant Director and his operating personal discussed the opportunity. They agreed to the piping modifications, but don’t want to wait until the next paper machine stop for maintenance, to complete the piping modifications. They have identified a spare pump and motor and installed it as the 2nd stage pump during the morning shift of May 4th itself. They also confirmed that the condensate piping changes as suggested by UNIDO team, would be implemented during the next paper machine stoppage.


  • 18.4 Million MMK Annually


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