Yum Yum Noodle (SSO)

Yathar Cho Industry Co.,Ltd's Yum Yum noodle plant, one of the market leaders in Myanmar, produces instant noodles packages and noodle cups with its seasoning oil sachets of various flavors. The manufacturing plant is situated in Yangon Industrial Park, Mingalardon Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar. The Engineering Director of Yum Yum noodle plant participated in the training programs on Steam System Optimization organized by Improvement of Industrial Energy Efficiency Project, UNIDO. The management believes that there are opportunities for improvement in Steam System of Yum Yum Noodle plant. So, Yum Yum noodle plant participated in the demonstration and up-scaling programs of IEE project. In January 2020, the plant received Steam System Optimization Assessment by the International Expert.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Steam System Optimization

Energy Projects

  • The recommended energy saving opportunities are as follows. • Pressurize the Diesel-fired Standby Boiler with Header steam • Optimize Combustion and Reduce Excess air at the Rice husk-fired Boiler • Recover flash steam from Fryer condensate and route it to Steamer to lower HP steam use • Install an Economizer at the Rice Husk-fired Boiler • Install RO filters to supply make-up water to the Boiler • Insulate the condensate tank at the Boiler House

Action Taken

After the assessment, the engineering team implemented the recommendation to pressurize the stand-by diesel boiler with header steam. The engineering team of Yum Yum noodle plant immediately installed the back-feed connection since it involved only minor piping changes and no capital investment was needed. Then the team optimized the combustion at rice husk-fired Boiler and reduced the excess air in collaboration with Project Management Unit Team of IEE Project. According to the fuel consumption data of the Yum Yum noodle plant, Diesel-firing at the standby Diesel-fired Boiler was stopped after piping modification. This implementation saved the plant's diesel consumption approximately 63,948 gallons per year.


  • Save 257 million MMK Annual Energy Usage


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