Ngwe Sae Taw - 999 (EnMS)

Ngwe Sae Taw (999) Co., Ltd is a snacks manufacturing company, which is located in East Dagon industrial Zone, Yangon, Myanmar. It distributes various types of snacks and it occupies 40% of domestic market share. The company collaborated with Improvement of Industrial Energy Efficiency in Myanmar project since 2014 by attending the capacity building programme and participating in plant demonstration programme. Management of the company understands and accepts that implementing the best practices and Energy Management System standards can benefit the company with sustainable benefits. The management have set the target to reduce 20% of energy consumption at the end of 2019 based on baseline data collected in 2016.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Energy Management System

Energy Projects

  • The company established an energy policy and disseminated it to all employees. The energy management team was set up with short term and long terms objectives established. The significant energy users were identified and energy saving opportunities were explored, analyzed, prioritized, and implemented. Energy Management team realized that thermal energy percentage in baseline energy (2016) is high. The base load with no production is significant. The company actively cooperated with IEE project by attending trainings, receiving site assessments by the international experts, and implementing energy saving measures. The energy management team monitor monthly energy consumption compared with 2016 baseline monthly average consumption.

Action Taken

  1. Recovering heat from fryers and reusing it
  2. Improving insulation of the fryers
  3. Reducing the use of fossil fuel
  4. Replacing the production machines with more energy efficient ones
  5. Changing wiring cable to reduce losses
  6. Replacing fluorescence lamps with LED lamps
  7. Replacing the air conditioners with energy efficient alternatives
  8. Maximizing the use of natural light and glass walls
  9. Installing rooftop solar panels


  • Save 20.67 % of Energy Usage in 3 years


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