Pyei Phyo Aung Company Limited (Plant I)(CASO)

Pyei Phyo Aung Company limited was established in 1991in Yangon, Myanmar. It specialized in export, import and general trading. The company collaborated with Improvement of Industrial Energy Efficiency project since 2019. There are three factories but the compressed air system assessment focused on the plant 1.

Energy Efficiency Measure : Compressed Air System Optimization (CASO)

Energy Projects

  • 1. Setting appropriate values of control settings of compressors and eliminating control interaction
    2. Modifying pipelines in compressor control room
    3. Fixing leakages and applying zone isolation
    4. Using energy efficient nozzles '
    5. Eliminating inappropriate uses
    6. Using the only required compressor and dryer as air demand variation

Action Taken

the management realized that it is costly to use the compressed air energy and thus optimizing it would achieve the energy cost savings. So, they decided to implement all the recommend energy saving measures. The project management unit team of Improvement of Industrial Energy Efficiency Project provided technical assistance on its compressed air system optimization journey.


  • 12,283 kWh, 1.9 million MMK


Project Partners