Fan System Optimization (FSO) User Level Training


Fan System is commonly used in factories, industries, shopping malls, hospital and hotels associating with motor, ductwork, filter and heat exchange. Overall System Efficiency is usually lower than below 50% and there tend to be energy leakages without utilizing. In this FSO training, Fan System Expert will lecture the requirements for fan system optimization in factories, technologies for utilizing energy efficiently in fan system. Additionally, experts will also share how to use Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT) Software on day 2 which would be greatly useful for Energy Engineers in the real world where Fans are using relatively high energy as mentioned above.


To understand Fan System Optimization (FSO), to know the benefits of FSO and to apply Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT) software
Traget Group : Energy Managers, Engineers and Operators using fan system
Duration : 2 Days



No of Times : 1
Organization : 20+
Trainnees : 36
Request : Training Manual

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